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My  B.R.A.G. Interview with Stephanie Moore Hopkins at Layered Pages

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….There are many ethnic peoples, and within those ethnic peoples there are many cultures that make up this world in which we live. However, we are all of one blood, and of one race―the Human Race. The Holocaust was an event that was full of horrors and heroism, contradictions and confirmations, apathy and sympathy. Some may question the authenticity of the events of some Holocaust survivors lives, and for that reason, I am particularly attracted to what Elie Wiesel says, “Some stories are true that never happened.”  Joseph G. Krygier

Our book is now a part of the following Holocaust Libraries/Museums

Yad Vashem in Jerusalem

The Imperial War Museum in London

The US Holocaust Library and Museum in Washington, DC

Terezin  (Theresienstadt) near Prague –  Memorial and Museum Library

Center for Holocaust and Human Rights Education
Florida Atlantic University, College of Education, Boca Raton

St. Petersburg Holocaust Museum

Buffalo N.Y. Holocaust Research Center

Buffalo and Erie County Central Public Library


    • Interview: Victor Visits Israel
    • Interview: Victor:From England to the US

Interview with Paul Gast: Holocaust Survivor and Holocaust Teacher who was liberated with Victor and is one of the Boys.

Paul Gast from Joseph Krygier on Vimeo.


  • Our book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu and is available as an ePub for Kindle, Nook, IBook, Sony and all other devices. Signed copies are available directly from me.

Interview with D.K.Lubarsky who provided images of her work for our book

Interview with D. K. Lubarsky from Joseph Krygier on Vimeo.

Please feel free to review my book “A Rage to Live – Surviving the Holocaust So Hitler Would Not Win” on askDavid.com and at Amazon.com

You may purchase a print/ signed copy directly from us by contacting me directly at [email protected]  The cost is $17.00 including tax and shipping. Contact me with your information. You only have to pay sales tax if you live in NY. We have just added a 1st Anniversary hardcopy for sale. It can only be purchased directly from us. The cost is $24.00 plus shipping and tax if necessary (NY). Just the cover has been re-designed. The content is the same. We are also for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble for $19.99 plus shipping and tax if applicable. Epub version at IBooks and Kindle versions available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble,  for  Sony readers and so on at 13 different sites.


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