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Victor and Me

Victor and Me

Three announcements: 1. I have been accepted into a pilot study program at Yad Vashem this Nov.27-Dec.7. Only 20-25 participants were accepted. 2. We will be starting an Indiegogo fund raiser for an educational project for Yad Vashem and all the research libraries that have our book. I am doing an audio book with a music score that will utilize the talents of professional actors from Buffalo, NY ( with the help of my son Aaron Krygier and friends), Hamilton, Ontario, and NYC (with the help of Lee Wilkof and friends). Two well known classical guitarists Scott Ouellette and Brian Farrell will be composing the music along with me and a well know sound designer, John Sisti, in LA will do the final sound mix. I will also make a documentary of the whole process. Details in the next two days with a link to all the info. This is a not for profit project and everyone is donating their time and talent. There will be thank you gifts. We are needing the funds solely for production costs including a trip to NY, LA, recording studio time in NY for 2-3 days and other production costs/minor equipment. 3. We have recently had some very kind words said about our book: “Dear Joe, I started your book this morning and finished this afternoon, couldn’t put it down, Yasher Koach (ask Victor if you don’t know what this means.) I have read dozens of books on the Holocaust and have known hundreds of survivors, so there was nothing new for me in Victor’s story, but the way you both told his story was very unique. You were able to be succinct yet thorough and very connected emotionally. The chronology was easy to follow and Victor’s post Holocaust story made him even more identifiable. I think that this book would be excellent in the beginning of any Holocaust study, particularly in public schools. Because Victor doesn’t go into detail on all of the horrors and trauma he experienced before, during and after the War, it is as gentle a way as possible to begin studying the Shoa.Thank you so much for sharing A Rage to Live with me. I plan on having my grandsons read it when they begin studying the Holocaust in Hebrew school soon. Jane also plans to read it. I agree, it did read like Victor was sitting telling his story over a cup of coffee, not an easy task for an author. Keep writing Joe, you have a gift for clarity without sacrificing emotion and meaning…” Ed F.
And from Kitty S:
“Hi Joe,
Just wanted to tell you that I just finished the book. Victor’s irrepressible nature is kept alive in this book through the poignant as well as remarkable moments that unfold. I think you both did a remarkable job and I know it would have never been accomplished without your intervention. He does sound like an amazing man and the story that is told, needs to be told again and again. I almost feel as if I know him and his hearty laugh and great sense of humor.
I’m so glad that I met you and that I was able to read this book. Is your play finished? Please keep me posted on when and where it might get produced.
You told me that Victor has Alzheimer’s but at least you got to be with him for all that time and he did get to see his story completed. What a wonderful thing for him and his family.
One of the many parts that moved me was when he got out of the camps and the time in England and saving food as they were so used to not eating enough. I think that this part of life after is not as well documented. Of course, the horror of the camps can never really be understood completely if one had not been there, although the descriptions do give one a very good idea.
Anyway, thanks for getting this book to press and keep up the good work!… wanted to say one more thing about the book. I thought that those poems written by the classes in which Victor spoke were truly amazing! It was as if they had absorbed Victor’s experiences so that the poems seemed as if they had gone through them. He must have made quite an impact.
All the best to you a Deborah.”

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