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Victor and Me

Our campaign is completed. We raised 50% on Indiegogo

We are moving forward with the project and will be in NYC on Nov 10 & 11th for the first phase of recording. Update: Returned for another day of recording on the 18th.


All of our recording in NY was finished yesterday on November 18, 2015.

Thank you to all for your professional work and your gracious and giving attitude throughout some very tight schedules.

We will continue production in Buffalo in mid-December.


We decided to wait until after all the holidays to start theBuffalo portion of the work.

It has been a difficult winter/early spring for some of our readers.Hy have had this years “coughing plague”, so we are waiting little longer for all to heal up as we round out the casting in buffalo.

Hoping to be in the studio in May/June.

I will expand the list of actors once we start up.

As of June 19, 2017 we are almost finished with all of our vocal recording and are getting ready to move into post production including adding our music score.

Stay tuned.


Victor and Me

Victor and Me

The St. Petersburg Holocaust Museum

The St. Petersburg Holocaust Museum


This was our last campaign update:

A Rage To Live:Surviving The Holocaust So Hitler Would Not Win is the story of Victor Breitburg who survived the Lódz Ghetto, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Rhemsdorf and Theresiensdtat camps before his liberation on his 18th birthday on May 8, 1945 … VE Day. We have been awarded an IndieBrag Medallion for our book and all of our Amazon reviews are 5 stars.
We are raising the funds for some travel expenses to New York and LA. Approximately 5 days for recording  and filming an accompanying documentary on the process (NY) and  3 days for final sound editing (LA). We also need a few portable pieces of recording equipment and software to match our studio qualifications for when we are not in a studio. We also need to rent a studio in NY for three days and 3 days in Buffalo.  If requested at the end of the campaign, a financial expenditure report will be available. If any funds are left over, they will be donated to a Holocaust Research Library or cover the cost of us donating books to school libraries. Professional actors including Lee Wilkof (and director), Duane Tucker, Aaron Krygier (playwright, screenwriter and director), Deborah Krygier,  Joe GrifasiDavid Wohl, Eleanor ReissaHilary Walker and others from New York, Buffalo, and Hamilton, Ontario as well as all the tech people including our sound engineer, John Sisti in LA, are donating their services for this project for Yad Vashem and other Holocaust Research and school libraries that have had copies of our book since it was published in 2012.  Scott Ouellette and Brian Ferrall, accomplished classical/contemporary guitarists, composers and teachers are working with me to compose a music score for the book and Rocco DiPietro has joined the team

Brian’s holocaust Suite: This is 20 minutes in 5 movements.

It is amazing how such good friendships developed online by listening and then commenting on these two gifted men’s music. The result is this unique collaboration for an audio book, that will be different than most. Scott and I have worked together during  two of his concerts in Rowley Massachusetts where I recorded and filmed his performances with Darragh O’Neill and Ulisses Rocha.




Brian playing one of Scott’s compositions.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement.


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